🗣️ Voices - High Quality Text to Speech with OpenAI

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Voices lets you use OpenAI's Text to Speech API in a simple, clean and easy to use native macOS app. You will have to bring your own OpenAI API key to use the app.


  • Choose from six voice types
  • Select the output file format (MP3, OPUS, FLAC, AAC)
  • Choose from two quality levels (TTS-1 and TTS-1-HD)
  • Export files
  • See how much the generation will cost based on the number of characters in your input text
  • Use your own OpenAI key, no middlemen
  • View your history and quickly go back to it
  • Autoupdater for future updates
  • Support for Ventura and Sonoma
  • Voice previews

It's a very early version so let me know if you run into bugs.


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Voices for High Quality Text-To-Speech with OpenAI

Supported OS
macOS 13.0+ (Ventura, Sonoma)


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🗣️ Voices - High Quality Text to Speech with OpenAI

54 ratings
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