Pippo - Improved Picture in Picture

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Pippo - Improved Picture in Picture

Jordi Bruin
19 ratings

Pippo adds seeking controls to your Picture in Picture window! On macOS the Picture in Picture video player does not have seek backwards and forwards controls. I use those a lot on iOS so I wanted to have them on macOS as well.

If you like Pippo and you have an M1 MacBook Pro you'll love Vivid. It lets you double the brightness of your screen!


1.0 - Initial release

1.1 - Fixed an issue where the PiP overlay could still appear after the PiP window was closed

1.2 - Fixed an issue where the shortcut buttons would link to the wrong shortcuts (thanks Kevin)

1.4 - The seeking buttons now hide at the same time if you're not moving your mouse over the PiP and they have a proper clicked state. The seek buttons are now positioned properly even on larger PiP windows.

Pippo uses Shortcuts to perform the seeking actions, which means it should work for all video content that can be played in the PiP window. On first launch you will be asked to install two Shortcuts to perform the seeking actions.

Feature suggestions

If you have a great idea for something I should add to Pippo, send me a message on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/jordibruin or send me an email jordi@goodsnooze.com.

Known issues

When you start a PiP window on an external display, the positioning of the buttons might be a bit off. The coordinate system on macOS is quite a challenge to figure out so bear with me!

I tried to get the buttons to match the other buttons on the PiP window (with vibrancy) but couldn't get them quite right with Apple's default blur modes. Will look into this further, as it annoys me as well 😉

⚠️ To people who give it a try, note that it doesn't work for Chrome. It uses Apple's default media playback controls, and it seems that Chrome uses their own implementation that does not listen to the system forward and backward commands unfortunately..

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