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πŸ’» Forehead - Hide the Notch and round the corners

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Apple announced the new MacBook Pro yesterday, and I can't wait to receive mine next week. I saw some people complain about the notch (I like it but tastes differ), so I made a little utility that makes the menu bar black so the Notch fades away in the background.

The app takes your wallpaper and modifies it to add a black bar at the top. It also allows you to round the corners of your screen if you're into that look!


  • Switch between your default wallpaper and a notchless one
  • Round the corners of your entire screen (similar to the rounded top corners on the new Macs)
  • Choose to start the rounding below the menu bar
  • Works on Monterey

πŸ—’ Changelog

1.0 - initial release

1.1 - fixed some menu bar height issues

1.2 - added option to add rounded corners

1.3 - add option to change corner radius

1.4 - bugfixes

1.5 - Added option to round corners below where the menu bar starts

1.6 - Forehead now runs in the menu bar

1.7 - Added update notification in the app for when new versions are released

1.8 - Added the option to choose which corners you want to round (all, top only or bottom only) and made some design tweaks.
1.9 - Solved an issue where sometimes Forehead would revert immediately for non-standard wallpapers. Also solved an issue where the wallpaper couldn't be read after a few days of use. ( Thanks Scott and Jonathan for letting me know!)

1.10 - No longer using the sandbox now to avoid some more issues. Added error message alerts for easier debugging. If you see an alert with an error, let me know!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know on Twitter at or send me an email

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πŸ’» Forehead - Hide the Notch and round the corners

94 ratings
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