🏄‍♂️ PiP Browser - Floating Websites

Jordi Bruin
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If you're editing your website in Visual Studio Code, Nova or another web editor you want to see the end results.

PiP Browser gives you a floating webbrowser window which makes it easy to view your progress without having to split up your screen real estate.


  • iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac predefined device sizes
  • Disable floating (if you want to for some reason)
  • No tracking, ads or non sense

⚠️ Known issues

Clicking on elements on the website doesn't work properly because I scale the website down right now. Will play around with some approaches.

Let me know if you have any things you'd like to see me add on Twitter.

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🏄‍♂️ PiP Browser - Floating Websites

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