🤧 FluTooth - Close MacBook, Turn off Bluetooth

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🤧 FluTooth - Close MacBook, Turn off Bluetooth

Jordi Bruin
25 ratings

FluTooth is a simple Mac utility that turns off Bluetooth when you close your MacBook, and turns it back on when you open it again.

It seemed to solve the battery drain problem I was having, hopefully it does the same for you! Let me know if this doesn't solve the problem for you, so I can add more things to the app to try to find the cause!

To use FluTooth, install these two Shortcuts (open the links in Safari):



You can download it for free (just put 0 in the price box) or you can help me pay for my Christmas tree (see below) ğŸŽ„


Note: Turning off bluetooth while the device is sleeping can affect the Find my Mac feature.

📝 Changelog

0.1 - Initial release

0.2 - Fixed the button to toggle Launch on Startup

In version 0.3 the app will guide you through installing the Shortcuts, thanks for the feedback !

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I want this!

Download of the FluTooth app

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