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🏎 Speedy - Fast, Accurate & Private Speedtest in your menubar

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Speedy lets you perform fast and private speedtests directly from your Menubar through Apple's servers. In macOS Monterey Apple added a new "networkquality" terminal command which performs a reliable speedtest that matches real world use cases such as videochat more accurately.

Read this article by Dan Petrov ( for a more in depth look into the new utility.

I'm currently looking into an issue that prevents Speedy from working properly on Sonoma.

You can download it for free (just put 0 in the price box) or you can help me pay for my Christmas tree (see below) πŸŽ„

🏎 Fast

Speedy performs a full speedtest in under ten seconds

πŸ™ˆ Private

Speedy connects directly with Apple servers, so no tracking or nonsense.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Accurate

Speedy uses parallel connections to simulate real world scenarios

πŸ—’ Changelog

1.0 - Initial release

1.1 - The test button is now inactive when a test is running (thanks Dima!)

1.2 - Speedy's design now matches the app icon colors 🎨

1.3 - Larger menu bar icon, added a stop testing button, added a reset button and Speedy now uses the JSON output from the networkquality command so it's more future proof and can also give accurate results for users on connections >1 Gbps (jealous!)

Feature suggestionsΒ 

If you have a great idea for something I should add to Speedy, send me a message on or send me an email

Known issues

I will be adding the option to launch Speedy on login in a future version.

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🏎 Speedy - Fast, Accurate & Private Speedtest in your menubar

48 ratings