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Supporter - Native Customisable Support

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Supporter - Native Customisable Support

Jordi Bruin
9 ratings

Supporter is a complete support section that you can add to your app in under 30 seconds. It's fully customisable, localisable and easy to edit from a local or remote JSON. It includes (optional) private analytics and lets you add images and videos to your support pages.

I've been building out an in app support section for my apps. Since I noticed a lot of interest in a tool like this, I decided to make it available for others as well!

It's called Supporter, because it will be your apps' biggest supporter! ๐Ÿ˜

๐Ÿ“ Features

  • Full Source Code for a complete Support section for your apps

  • Different display styles for different types of support

  • Data fed by external JSON or fallback to local file

  • Fully built in SwiftUI

  • Lightweight and private analytics to determine the most important questions (Optional)

  • Localizable (different support items per locale)

  • Supports video FAQs as well as normal support pages

  • Contact options

  • Display your latest release notes

  • Markdown support

  • Customize colors

  • Only 62KB

Coming in 2022

  • Mac App for viewing analytics and editing JSON

  • More customisation

๐Ÿ— Setup

You can add Supporter to your app by copying the files in your project. After that you just present SupportScreen and you're ready to go!

Adding Supporter to your project in less than 5 minutes

Supporter supports loading support content from an external JSON, as well as with analytics support through

Hosting your JSON remotely

Setup private analytics in Supporter

View more documentation with JSON examples at

๐Ÿฃ Support

Please send me an email on or on Twitter @jordibruin if you have any questions or suggestions.

๐Ÿ— Changelog


- Fixed a typo in the fullSample.json sample file

- FAQ sections can now be made grouped by setting "hasDetailPage" to true. If so, the first three FAQ items will be displayed, along a view all button. The text in this button can be localized per JSON as well through the "viewAllText" attribute of the JSON string.
- The JSON parser is more forgiving for any missing parts
- Improved theme color support on dark mode
- Support for multiple contact sections with their own localized titles. You can still use the original contactItems style (however the title of this section is always the same so I would suggest using the new one instead)
- Support for a changelog message that shows up if the user has not viewed it yet. You can also show a button that always links to the changelog if you want.
- Lots of code cleanup
- The support page now shows a loading indicator if the JSON has not been retrieved yet.

- Small changes based on initial feedback

- Initial release

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ผ License

Because you purchased Supporter, you are free to use Supporter in your own (commercial) projects. You can not re-sell or give the code to someone else to use.

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A complete support section for your iOS apps

Private Analytics
Yes (Optional)
iOS 14 & 15
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