🌟 Superstar - Easily reply to App Store reviews

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🌟 Superstar - Easily reply to App Store reviews

Jordi Bruin
8 ratings

🌟 Superstar uses the App Store Connect API to help you respond to your App Store customer reviews in seconds. Use custom templates to quickly reply professional responses.


  • Custom reply templates for quickly replying to similar reviews
  • Menubar app which shows a new un-answered review every time you open it
  • All your credentials are stored locally and nothing leaves your device.
  • Import and Export Response Suggestions
  • Hide responses that are pending publication
  • Translate responses inline with Google Translate
  • Add your own (free) DeepL API key to translate reviews and your responses inline.
  • Group template responses by app / category
  • Sort reviews by rating or creation date
  • Automatically open your favorite app on launch

πŸ— Early Access

Superstar is still very much in development right now. Anyone who buys Superstar from Gumroad will get free lifetime updates as a thank you for your early support.

If there's anything you'd like to see me add, let me know by sending me a DM on Twitter

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