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📕 2 Hours, 2 Days, 2 Weeks

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Over the last two years as an indie dev I've released more than 20 different apps and projects. More than 10 have been featured by Apple on the App Store because they solve problems in simple and innovative ways.

Even though these ideas are often small, they can still have a large impact on people. One of them was nominated for an Apple Design Award (Navi) and Posture Pal even became App of the Month in China last year.

My approach to developing apps is based on my 2-2-2 method.

  • 2 Hours to make an MVP that I can use to test if an idea is feasible
  • 2 Days to make it useable for friends to get feedback on it's value
  • 2 Weeks to launch it into the world so that you can learn from real users

In this course I will give in depth explanations, examples and how-to's on how you can use the 2-2-2 method to launch your own side projects.

I'm releasing this course using the same 2-2-2 method, so it will be built out over the next few months. If you decide to get the course now you will receive access to videos of my talks about the topic as well as a course overview. These spots give early access to the course at a discounted rate and also comes with a 2 hour group video call with me and other participants in the course where we'll discuss the main sections of the course and you'll be able to express what you're hoping to get from the course. You will also get a 22% discount on all my paid apps on Gumroad.

Course Content

These are the broad strokes of what I'm going to cover.

What is the 2-2-2 method?
An explanation of the details of the 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks method where I explain with easy to understand examples how it can benefit you and why I think it's a great approach for people who are (starting to) work on their own ideas.

For each part of the method I will go in depth to explain important elements.

2 Hours

  • How can you consistently come up with simple app ideas?
  • How to decide what you should and should not build?
  • How to validate your ideas in 2 hours
  • Resources for building out complex ideas with technologies you've never used before
  • When is your MVP ready? How can you do as little as possible to gather enough information to move to the next phase?
  • How to keep your MVPs simple, in functionality as well as code complexity

2 Days

  • How far should you go in terms of designing your app for your first launch? Where do you get inspiration for your design if you're not a great designer.
  • How can you get the right feedback from your friends and peers? Keeping in mind that you're trying to make something that will launch in two weeks.
  • How to give, and receive honest and useful feedback on people's work
  • How to build a clean, simple, fast to make interface that showcases your apps' main differentiating feature
  • Decide how far you should develop your main functionality beyond the MVP you made during the first two hours

2 Weeks

  • How do you polish your original app MVP into a launch-able state?
  • Simple ways to make the hard parts of launching an app simple (screenshots, App Store description, keywords, privacy policy)
  • How to make it easier for press to write about your new app by creating a good and simple to make presskit
  • Techniques to help you decide if a feature / addition / bug fix should be finished before launch.
  • What should you focus on post launch?

App Deep Dives
In this section I do an hour long breakdown for my apps to explain how I used the 2-2-2 method in practice. If you watch my talk at iOS Conf Singapore you get an idea of what that will look like, however these deep dives will go into much more detail for each app.

Here's some examples of the 2 hour learnings for specific apps:

Posture Pal - How did I make a first working version of the app in 2 minutes? How did I learn to use a new framework that was necessary to build this? How did I discover the API that turned into the core feature of the app?

Soosee - How did I go from an Apple sample project for scanning phone numbers on business cards to making an app that scans for one very specific allergy. How do you learn a new framework while developing your core functionality.

MacWhisper - How did I make the first version of MacWhisper without knowing anything about how Whisper works? How did I take existing GitHub projects and use those as the foundation for my first release 14 hours (and 2 development hours) after starting the app.

I have a lot of clear examples of choices that were made along the way that align with the 2-2-2 method that I would love to showcase. Depending on your needs I'll come up with a list of topics and you can choose which ones I should release first. You'll be invited to a Circle community with other people following the course where you'll be able to give feedback and share ideas.

☝️ Note that the course is still very much under construction so when if you buy it now you will not have access to the full content yet. If you end up not enjoying the course, you'll be able to get a full refund, no questions asked 🙂

March Release

I've added 33 more spots. These spots give early access to the course at a discounted rate and also comes with a 2 hour group video call with me and other participants in the course where we'll discuss the main sections of the course and you'll be able to express what you're hoping to get from the course.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out on Twitter!


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Early access to the 2-2-2 course. Including the option to give feedback about what you want to see during a group video call.

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📕 2 Hours, 2 Days, 2 Weeks

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